Blog Challenged

Hello, I would like to welcome you to my first blog ever! I am hoping that you are doing well. That you are taking life in stride one day at a time. The reason I have begun this blog is to have a platform in which I can begin to reflect Christ as I continue my spiritual growth through life. This life can contain many unexpected curves and dips which if bad can disorient us completely from what it is that God had purposed for us. And if good, can give us the most exilerating experience ever. But even throughout the worst tragedies in our lives we can still see a glimpse of Christ within it if we keep the right perspective.

It is hard to keep the right perspective if we don’t know where our focus should be. The bible gives promises from God that can apply to any one us at any given time. I received Christ when I was very young and can remember many times being reminded of a verse of scripture that carried me through a trial. Each trial differing within itself calling for a ever changing response. The challenge that you endured last year may not be remotely even close to the battle you are in currently.

The blog will consist of topics such as encouraging and uplifting stories of the day-to-day journey following Christ to other personal challenges that come, and some not-so-serious dialogue as well. I look forward to receiving comments from you if you can relate to any of the discussions and any additional feedback on topics you would like to discuss.