What do you like about the fall season?


Fall season is one of my favorite seasons. Early in the morning, the weather is cool and there is a freshness in the air. The trees begin to change to very beautiful colors. The leaves on the trees fall and become crunchy.  One of the best things to do is to walk through the yard crunching through a great big pile of those crunchy leaves – especially if they are in a park.  Because at the park you don’t have to rake the leaves. So you can just run through the leaves as long as your heart desires.


The kids are back in school. You learn to appreciate that even if your children are no longer school-aged. If you are into professional football you can enjoy watching your favorite team compete against their biggest rivals. You are starting to get ready for holiday get-togethers. You get to pull out your comfortable sweaters and cozy boots to wear out and about. The local stores have a tendency to celebrate Halloween and then the following day begin decorating for Christmas. I enjoy Christmas as well but I would like to take time out to also celebrate Thanksgiving along the way.  That way we can savor this time and not instantly go from Summer to Winter. Personally, I would like to keep fall season around for as long as possible.