Relationship reminiscence

In a relationship there are quiet times, good times.  The sunshine is on your face, just enough to warm you.  Not so bright that it hurts your eyes but just right.  You’re running through the meadow with the smell of all the pretty flowers surrounding you.  Singing a joyous song without a care in the world.

Far away you see a cloud and the cloud is moving in fast.  It’s going from white to grey in a matter of minutes and it has taken over the beautiful sky that was there before.  The winds begin to rush through and you are not sure you can stand.  But that is when you should hold on at that volatile time.  

It seems to come in cycles for the rushing winds and storms blowing through but hold on until you can see the cloud begin to dissipate.  As soon as you think you have it all under control the battle begins again.  

External pressures whether financial or emotional stomping down and whirling around. Hammering your head causing havoc within your soul.  Spinning round and round.  Not sure if you will ever get off this turning wheel.  Just as soon as it stops it starts up going the opposite direction. It will surely test you whether you will be able to continue on.  

It causes you to want to part and do what you think is best for you.  You pull apart for the time trying to spare yourself but oh no it is worse than you could ever imagine.  You were at least together but now you stand on your own trying to bear. The sound of heavy monotone drums getting louder and louder.  

Now there is a rush of water pouring in.  You ask where did this come from.  You look out the window and you are in the middle of what looks like an ocean.  It looks like you are out to sea.  No dry land surrounding you.  No trees to grab a hold of.  You begin to hear what sounds like a helicopter in the air flying around.  It is getting closer. Now the helicopter sounds as if it is right above you. They are circling around for just a couple of minutes.

You see the lights from the helicopter.  You are waving frantically.  Trying to get their attention. But all of a sudden the sound of the helicopter is getting faint.  You can’t believe that the pilot of the helicopter did not see you afloat in what now looks like just a raft.  All this water around and you feel as if you are about to choke.  

You are soaked from all the water but instantly you are on dry land. You turn around and remember your Friend.  You are so happy to know them.  You are not sure why you released their hand.   But your Friend whispers to you,  “You may have wanted to let go of Me, but I will remain here for you forever”.